Welcome to Elpis Diagnostics and Clinic

The Multispecialty Clinic and Diagnostic Centre for adults, children and babies.

We attract some of the finest specialist consultants in cancer, cardiac, neuro sciences, gynaecology, urology, orthopaedics and other super specialized departments from many of Kolkata’s and India’s major hospitals.. As well as being equipped with the most advanced medical equipments, the centre also possesses separate Labs for both adults and children providing the highest levels of care. These facilities are all supported by our dedicated team of caring, experienced and professional clinical staff.

Prevention, early detection and proper treatment depend on establishing a correct diagnosis. This is often aided by laboratory, radiology and imaging services. Our Doctor’s and Laboratory Technician understood the importance of high quality, credible and thorough lab investigative services at affordable prices. A need that was all the more important due to the fact that most laboratories then did not meet even the basic hygiene and professional standards or were prohibitively expensive. Elpis Diagnostics and Clinic is started to fill these gaps and provide a quality service that is also cost effective.



Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic gives hope, comfort and professional care to those who are going through health challenges.

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