Our Gastroenterologists are here to diagnose and treat the full range of upper and lower gastro intestinal conditions. They range from digestive issues to the most complex types of gastro intestinal cancers.
The Centre is backed by the very latest diagnostic capabilities and endoscopic technology, helping to speed up diagnosis and enable treatment to begin faster than before. This includes;

Endoscopy is an umbrella term that describes all types of investigations that are done in the digestive system using an endoscope (a long, thin,Fiberoptic  tube with a minute video camera at one end which can relay images or video taken inside the body).Endoscopy is now a well-accepted method of investigating problems with the digestive system, right from the mouth to the anus (where stools are passed from).

A colonoscope is inserted through the anus and used to examine the large bowel, and can usually be passed into the lower end of the small bowel if needed.

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