The Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics performs treatment and care within women’s diseases and births. A woman’s journey through life is marked by profound physical and psychological passages, from the time she begins menstruating to beyond the point where she leaves childbearing-age behind in menopause. Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic cares for women in every stage, whether through supporting a healthy pregnancy, diagnosing and treating uterine cancer or easing the transition to menopause. Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic’s team-based care philosophy ensures your concerns will be heard, understood and treated appropriately.
Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic’s provide a full range of gynaecologic services, from routine medical screenings and treatments to gynaecologic surgery, oncology and reconstruction services.
Our professionals provide services covering health care, counselling and education to women from adolescence to menopause facing reproductive and related issues including:

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