Pathology is the science of the causes and effects of diseases. Specifically, it relates to examining body tissue and bodily fluids for diagnostic purposes. It is only by equipping pathology labs with the latest in medical equipment that we are able to detect and prevent the spread of diseases. Preventive healthcare is our primary concern and keeping advanced medical equipment in our pathology laboratories has allowed us to save many lives.

We offer comprehensive medical testing to our customers. Our staffs are trained to stay safe when dealing with dangerous diseases in the lab. If you don’t find a service in one lab, we have other labs where you’ll find our services. We aim to fulfil all your diagnostic needs and deliver a pleasant experience all the way. Some of our services can also be availed while you are at home. It’s another part of delivering great features to our happy customers.

In addition, Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic also consults you about how to change your lifestyle and gives you the steps to live a healthier life. For patients who need regular treatment for their diseases, our experts are available to help manage conditions like diabetes and erratic blood pressure. Timely check-ups of your body will ensure that you live a life free from disease and filled with the freedom to fulfil your dreams.

We are constantly striving to bring new technology into our labs. As our focus is on preventive health care, we are always looking for new and unique ways to detect and scan the human body.


Biochemistry measures a wide range of substances in bodily fluids, predominantly blood (serum or plasma), urine and cerebrospinal fluid. A 24 hour, 7 day acute core clinical biochemistry service is provided on all Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust hospital sites.

Biochemistry tests are used to investigate or monitor:

The majority of these core clinical biochemistry tests are fully automated, although some are manual investigations.

The Biochemistry division of Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic is a new generation laboratory, totally equipped with the modern state of the art technology. The division of clinical biochemistry at Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic provides a comprehensive clinical laboratory services in the extensive domain of clinical chemistry, therapeutic drug monitoring, endocrinology and clinical toxicology. Diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, infertility, thyroid problems, cystic fibrosis and meningitis can be diagnosed by the examination of body fluids including blood, urine and CSF. With exceptional equipments we not only perform the regular biochemical tests for patient care but also execute an array of investigations.

Some of the common tests in Biochemistry are: Urea, Creatinine, Uric acid, Liver function test, lipid profile, serum Electrolytes, Total Protein etc.


Haematology performs full blood counts and secondary testing to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of various disorders. The Haematology laboratories also offer additional tests to identify specific conditions, eg. malaria screening, infectious mononucleosis, and reviewing blood film morphology.Special Haematology offers screening tests to identify disorders of haemoglobin production, eg. sickle-cell disease and thalassemia.

The Hematology department at Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic is quite well equipped with excellent automated cell counters, coagulometers and flowcytometers. The lab has powerful systems to diagnose several blood deficiencies, genetic defects, anaemia, leukemia and clotting abnormalities. Comprehensive tests for the identification of bleeding disorders and all types of hypercoagulability disorders are also offered.

Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic’s laboratory integrates highly skilled doctors, specialized technicians and strong automation to provide proper and precise results for the patients within a short period of time while maintaining high degree of quality control.

Microbiology & Serology:

Microbiology provides a full range of testing for bacterial and fungal culture, as well as the antibiotic sensitivity of pathogenic (infectious) organisms. This includes those that can cause urinary, respiratory, gastrointestinal, wound or skin infections, and meningitis.

The Microbiology Laboratory of Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic provides complete clinical services including the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Several techniques like microscopy, isolation on culture media, detection of antibodies, etc are exercised, searching for the presence of potentially pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Antimicrobial susceptibility tests are executed on isolates to identify the most appropriate antibiotic for treating an infection.

The laboratory is completely equipped with automated systems that fulfill blood culture and mycobacterium culture. Bacterial determination and antimicrobial susceptibility are also carried out by automated systems shortening the turnaround time for reporting.

Quality control and quality assurance are absolutely implemented in the lab.

Clinical Pathology:

Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic’s Department of Clinical Pathology is responsible for the lab testing of blood, urine and other body fluids for diagnosis of disease and maintenance of health. The division provides the most appropriate results and expert clinical consultation.

Employing the present-day advancements in computer technology, our laboratories maintain state of the art automated equipment.

Working together with the division of Haematology, our laboratories are dedicated to provide high quality, timely and affordable services. Our team of laboratory scientists and pathologists work in close association with clinical colleagues for excellent patient care.

Histo & Cyto Pathology:

Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic’s Histo & Cyto Pathology laboratory is a state of the art amenity specializing in the analysis of malignancies. The Histopathology division provides clinical testing, diagnostic examinations for Cytologic specimens consisting of both gynecologic and non-gynecologic samples. These include analysis of Pap tests, body fluid evaluations and diagnostic examination of fine needle aspiration.

The Cytopathology department is strengthened by a highly experienced and skilled team of senior consultants. A committed and honest team of exceptionally trained technical staff also support the division. Cytopathology reports at Elpis Diagnostics & Clinic are of high standards, at a fairly low cost.

The laboratory ensures a quick turn-around-time, and even quicker processing and reporting is done. Cytopathology division is committed to timely delivery of precise and detailed pathology reports. The lab maintains the highest quality patient care activities using the modern technology available.

The department of Histopathology provides comprehensive services for regular and specialized processing of all surgical and cytological specimens. The service includes a vast range of exclusive techniques including immunohistochemistry, macrosectioning for complex lesions, frozen sections, lymph node recovery by lipid extraction and immunofluorescence.

Using sophisticated technology, our Histo & Cyto Pathology testing options provide fast and effective results. These services have been designed to deliver quality results while at all times offering cost effectiveness.

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